Friday, June 12, 2020


Yesterday was cold and windy so I only did a few things outside. I should say that my wife is doing her thing because she has her own list. First, I straightened out the compost bins. One had fallen apart and my son put it back together again. I have four compost bins. Every year I move the compost from one bin to the next one, so in four years it's ready for use.
After that, we cut the rhubarb. No, not cut, pulled. Cutting it kills the plant. Kept some for ourselves and gave the rest to neighbors.
Then it was to Kent to pick up ten bags of mulch. It keeps the weeds out of the garden. And that was my excitement for the day.
It's not like I don't do anything else. There is things to do in the house. Make meals, wash dishes, things to do for my daughter, she has to eat too. There is things I do on the computer. One of them is learning how to read and write German. I started in Apr. and I want to start reading a book in one year. On Facebook we have friends in Germany. They write in German and there is a translation button. I try and read it, then press the button to see how close I am. Have to keep dementia away.

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