Saturday, June 13, 2020


Not much going on yesterday. Rained all day. My wife was busy cleaning out the basement...again. She came and gave me two pair of new pants. She said I could have them for Father's Day. That's good. I looked at the sales tag after she left and noticed that it was from Sears - 2011. She has the habit of giving me the same present more than once. That's not going to happen again. I hung up both pair in my closet, to use.
Both Canada and the U.S. have the habit of sending jobs to foreign places, to stupid and lazy people.We should keep those jobs here, we have lots of stupid and lazy people of our own to put to work.
I was watching a fashion show yesterday - Hey, Hey, don't say that. Yes, I was watching a fashion show but it was actually part of a movie. I was wondering, who buys all those weird clothes? I heard it was rock stars wives. I suppose. Some of them have a lot of wives and ex-wives.

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