Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bifocals Can Be A Hazard

How's the weather? Don't ask!

I just remembered about the yardsale I went to on Sat. Total waste of time and money. I should know better than to go indoor yard sales. They are usually just mini-merchants. The ones that sell jewelry, leather products, that kind of stuff. There was some pockets books there, but they were all for women. I think there are more women authors than men, and they seem to run off those romance books pretty fast.

I usually read two books at once. One is a pocketbook and the other an ebook. Just finished reading, "Rogue Warrior," the building of Seal Team 6. Definately rubbed his superiors the wrong way. For all his work, he got a year in jail, basically for not having the right receipts. Now it seems to be top heavy just like the other elite forces. The ebook was, "Gunboat #14," about the Swedish-Russian War, 1807. Those gunboats were were nothing more than large rowboats.

When you read with bifocals, you have to be careful, not to read incorrectly, especially if you only read the headlines. For example, this morning there was a headline which read,"Canada Primps for Royal Visit." When I first read it, it said,"Canada Pimps fpr Royal Visit." Anyway, I moved my head and saw the error of my ways. The upside is that sometimes it makes for interesting reading.

I was keeping a lookout for a dresser that someone might throw out. I wanted it for my shed, to put my toolboxes on. I have two green toolboxes, with three drawers. When they issued you tools in the Air Force, you were allowed to keep them. So I needed something four feet long to put them on. Yesterday, I was driving around a sub divison and saw this desk someone had put out on the side of the road. So I came back around to check it out. It was a four foot long, metal, grey computer desk, with shelves on one side. Perfect. Tossed it into the back of the van. Came home, told my wife and she said," And who put it in the van for you? Right, operation, no lifting for another month. Promised  not to do it again.

I'll add a photo of my shed.

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

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