Friday, June 17, 2011


Sunny today and of course rain for the next two days.

Part #3 Charioteer came up on Smashwords yesterday. It will eventually get to all of them. Amazon is last. About a week. To write that one, I had to study up on chariot racing. The racer had to tie the reins around his waist, much like seat belts today. You saw on "Ben Hur", the drivers getting dragged. For that, they carried a small knife in their belt, to cut the reins. Of course, when you read my story, you will find that out. And heaven forbid, that you wouldn't read it.

So I have three more parts to go for the story. The publisher has one, I have the other two finished. Have to let them sit a bit, then off they go. I'm working on something different now and am finished ch.1. This time it will be a full length adventure in Morocco. I have been to Morocco and know what is where. A princess, two teen age boys, terrorists, sand and more sand. Start ch.2 today.

Everyone thinks I write these for children. Not so. I write them for seniors. Thinking about all my friends going into their second childhood.
Read the paper today and no murders yesterday, or stabbings.

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