Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reading and Writing

Not raining right now. Supposed to have a high today of 16C/61F. Warm eh? (Eh? I am so Canadian.)

This morning I won a book on Goodreads. My second. It's called "I Have A Story To Tell" about Eastern European Jewish immigrants living in Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg in the early twentieth century. The stories encompass their travels and travails on leaving home and their struggles in the sweatshops and factories of the garment industry in Canada.

My ancestors came over about the same time and worked in coal mines. Just as bad, maybe worse. My twelve year uncles worked in the mine. I am forever grateful to my Grandfather for coming here.

On my Goodreads page, I have listed 79 books I have read. If I could remember all the titles, it would be much larger. When I was young, I went to the library every week. I have most of those books listed because I still have them. The last book I read at that time was Centennial by Michener. It was in Aug. 1977. Why do I remember that? Same week Elvis died.

After that, I had to  worry about paying bills. About 1999, I was able to get on track again. Instead of reading, I did crossword puzzles for the next eleven years. One morning at breakfast, I did the crossword and Sudoku in thirty min. Then I said that's it. Next, I wrote very short stories. Then I wrote and am still writing a six part series for EchelonPress. They certainly helped me a lot. The first thing they taught me, don't write OK, write okay.

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