Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Brown Sugar Sandwich

It is a beautiful day, finally.

A friend of my wife asked me yesterday, if I remembered brown sugar sandwiches. OMG - Yes, I remember brown sugar sandwiches. Two slices of white bread, cover one side with brown sugar, sprinkle with water so it doesn't fall out, slap the other slice of bread on it, and voila. She told me she sprinkled it with milk, because they had a cow. Yes! The good old days. Makes you wonder why we're still alive.

It's hard to believe. The LA Dodgers bankrupt. They are in the center of a divorce, so good luck to them. They could actually pack their bags and hit the road.

So they finally found Blogojevich guilty. I've seen him on reality shows, and got the impression you don't need to be intelligent to be a Gov. Of course this is true for all politicans. The gift of the gab is what matters. Then again, it could have been his hair. He is now eligible for a 300 hundred years government vacation. Do they really give people 300 years. Probably out in five years. I do notice that people who murder someone are treated less harsh than those that cheat  someone.

I have been watching items on TV about Hitler, and do you know that by the end of the war he had jets, stealt bombers, rockets and was months away from an atom bomb. We were almost toast. Well, I was young, I would have been crumbs.

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

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Jenn Sheppard said...

Hey, Jack! Check out Darron Bennalford Anderson's case. His initial sentence was 2200 years. I thought that might intrigue you.