Monday, June 20, 2011

Oh My Deer!

I can't believe it's sunny today. They are threatning us with 20C/69F.

The big news for us on Twitter is about a deer who jumped through a window, into a restaurant, then out through another window. That was in Halifax. People hid in the bathrooms until the deer left. I think here in Dartmouth the little dears just walk through the door. I also heard of a bear wandering around. It appears he is attracted to unclean barbacues.

So we are back on this again. the size of city council is too large. We have 23 councillors, while cities of the same size in the rest of Canada have 15 - 17. It's goes up for review every eight years, and today's the day. The last time the councillors voted on it, they voted to keep it the same. Duh! The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board are voting on it today. Think they will fire any of their friends? I don't think there will be any volunteers.

From yesterday's post.- Kurt Arseneault I read of very few home invasions while in Texas...... Wonder if it has anything to do with the odds being pretty high that someone inside the house will have a handgun to protect themselves with? Legally!
Jack Sakalauskas That is true. Same for sports riots. I heard that sports riots happen in Canada and Europe, but not the U.S. The U.S. is the only country where shop owners have guns to protect their property.

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