Friday, June 24, 2011

Trying To Rewrite History

I know it is daylight, because I can see everything. That is, except the sun. In other words, it's cloudy.

Worked on my barbacue a couple of days ago. I should say, my son did. I'm not into pushing and pulling yet. Yesterday was my first day back at the wheel after the operation. My barbacue is the first normal size one I bought. It must be at twenty-five years old. My wife bought a new gas line last week at a yard sale, for $1.00, so I  cleaned it up, repainted it, bought a new insert, and away we go. Oh yes, then I tested it. Good for another six or seven years.

I looked at new ones, but they are all made of tin. Wouldn't last long. That's why I see so many out on garbage day.

Yesterday I wrote about changing a schools name from Cornwallis to whatever. By the way, Cornwallis was the founder of Halifax. I said yesterday, first a school name, then something else. It didn't take long. There is a park in Halifax with a statue of him. Now they want the statue taken out and done in.

You can't change history. He gets his name on things because he was the founder. So, they don't like the way he operated. That was then, and that was how things were done. There is nothing to be done about it. Having a statue, denoting he is the founder, doesn't mean we agree with his policies.

It seems they are going to put a windmill park in Amherst. The company is putting up 61 million, and the government 39 million. They put it there because it is a high unemployment area. It is sort of a form of welfare. These things sometimes end up as a bottomless pit. Every year the company comes back for more money.

Call centers are the same. They get tax breaks to keep people working. As soon as the tax breaks run out, they close up shop. If you want them to stay, more tax breaks, usually equal to the wages for the employees for a certain period of time.!/PensionersRant

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McC said...

wE ARE ALL children of our age. What the modern person "would have done" may not have been possible, nor even desirable in a day gone past... The founder is the founder. AMEN.