Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Criminal Minds

No use telling you it's still raining.

It appears we have fallen into the abyss of crime. Since Sat. we have had two home invasions, two people shot (1 dead), two stabbings, one rape, one beating and robbery. It seems like every day someone is getting stabbed. Before my hospital visit, I did my daily walk and one of the paths was along a lake. The other day, a guy was stabbed in the back, on that same path. I will be staying on the sidewalk, but my wife is still not happy with that.

Parliment is trying to pass a law in which way the courts deal with arrest of a group of people like Hells Angels. If every member agrees, it's a done deal. So the leader of the Green Party, who happens to be the only one of her party to be elected, says no. She wants every part of it debated. This will slow down that process and everything after it. And one of the things coming is a major crime bill. It appears she is there for only one reason, to draw attention to herself.

What's this about lesbian bloggers revealed as men? Weird or what? Of course this is only on the internet. In real life they can't go and tell everyone they are lesbian. People would know something amiss when he went to the washroom.

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

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