Wednesday, June 15, 2011

John Grisham's "Ford County"

How dare they threaten us! With sunshine instead of rain for tomorrow. We'll just see about that!

I am reading John Grisham's "Ford County" and last night I read the chapter "Michael's Room."
For me, this chapter really hit home. It almost mirrors my own life.

It involves a lawyer, kidnapped by a father of a child, with Cerebral Palsy. Ten years earlier, the lawyer had defended a doctor in a malpractice suit. The end result gave the family absolutely nothing. The theory was that the child wouldn't live past a year anyway. But now the boy is eleven years old. So the father grabs the lawyer and brings him to his house to show him the result of the jury verdict.

The differences between that family, and mine, is not much. He's from Miss. and his son is eleven. My daughter is thirty-eight. We even have the extra room on the side of the house. It used to be my garage, but now it is her room, with a wood stove in case the power goes out. It has patio doors, which go out onto the patio, which I doubled in length to accommodate her.

My daughter also has one brother, and the description of the wife's life, pretty well describes what my wife does. Except it has been for thirty eight years instead of eleven. And the money problems? At one point, I had four extra jobs while being in the military. With government assistance, it is much better now.

He sued the doctor, I didn't do that. In fact, the doctor died a little while later, from cirrhosis of the liver. He also had family support, which I didn't get. Except for one brother out of four, and their families, I'm more or less shunned. But one can certainly pick up good friends along the way.

John Grisham really did his homework on this story.

Jack Sakalauskas!/PensionersRant

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