Thursday, June 23, 2011

It Is What It Is, and That's How It Is

You can have the sun, and still not have warm weather. 12C/54F

They are at it again. Name changing. I wish people would get over this crap. It happened 250 years ago. Quit moaning about it. I guess its like, I win, I got the last word in. First a school , then a street, then what? I don't imagine it will be names after any white man.

If you are a white man, you are definately on the bottom of the ladder now. In Halifax, they lowered the entrance exams for fire fighters so blacks could qualify. That's what I like to hear. If my house is burning down, send the stupid people to put it out. For government, everyone else qualifies first. Then again, that's the government. They have seminars on slowness.

Let's say Canada was discovered by another race, other than white, where would we be now. Like African nations, Arab nations, or India? Our own indians hadn't even discouvered the wheel by the time the white man came. As for Asians, they copied everything from the whites.

And don't go calling me a racist. It's just is what it is. Some men lose their hair faster than others. That's just the way it is.

Along the same line, another thing that irks me is the statement, "Over qualified for the job."
I never heard of anything so stupid. "I don't want to hire you, I would rather hire a dumber person."
Or, "Instead of you, I can hire ten in India, and maybe the ten of them together will get the job done."
You would think it would be, "If I can get the best person possible, my company will do better."
In reality its, "If I can hire the cheapest person possible, I can put more money in my pocket."!/PensionersRant

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